Copy Editing

Fine-tuning your text and preparing it for publication, whatever the platform

Besides non-specialist text aimed at a general audience, I have experience working on higher-level academic material from the following disciplines:

  • biology, including ecology, zoology, botany, evolutionary biology, genetics, cell & molecular biology, and palaeontology
  • climate change
  • nursing and health sciences, including UK health and NHS policy
  • medicine
  • psychology, editing to APA style as necessary
  • pharmacology and pharmaceutical health services research
  • philosophy of science
  • school science, including chemistry, physics and biology, and primary maths
  • popular science
  • popular music: heavy metal, rock, pop and electronica (current and going back to the 1960s).

I have also worked on school textbooks aimed at specific markets such as Japan, the Middle East and Africa.

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