Other Services

Here are some of the other services I can provide for you

Audio transcription

I can undertake transcription of audio files, such as those recorded during lectures, talks, video presentations and meetings. I use Express Scribe transcription software and an Infinity foot pedal, which allow me to make transcriptions quickly and accurately. Specialist scientific topics can be transcribed. My attendance at meetings that are due to be transcribed can increase the accuracy of the transcript. Please email me for rates.

Other editorial services

The list below covers other services offered, either as one-off asignments or as part of a larger project:

  • manuscript coding (or tagging) and preparing a manuscript for typesetting
  • language editing, helping to improve text for writers whose first language is not English
  • rewriting, developing and restructuring a manuscript as required.


Between 2008 and early 2023 I worked as a tutor for trainee proofreaders on a distance learning course run by the Publishing Training Centre, providing advice and guidance based on my experience.

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